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The Guardian UK picks top 40 holiday hotspots in 2014

Holiday hotspots: where to go in 2014

Start planning your 2014 travels with the help of our top 40 destination round-up. Some are hosting major events, others are under-the-radar places only just starting to attract tourists, but all of them are inspiring or exciting right now

Penang top holiday spot by The Guardian

8. George Town, Malaysia

Once George Town was named a Unesco world heritage site in 2008, the capital of the Malaysian state of Penang began changing into one of south-east Asia’s hottest destinations. Penangites are renovating everything from Chinese mansions to old factories, which means there’s something for all budgets – delicious street food or fine dining; funky hostels or boutique hotels. The latest spot is the Three Sixty Degree Sky Bar. Follow drinks there with either a plate of spicy duck soup from one of the stalls on Kimberley Street or gourmet Penang Nyonya cuisine at Seven Terraces, the restaurant everyone wants to be seen at. In addition to the month-long George Town festival (1-31 August), this year the city will host the first south-east Asian edition of Tropfest (20-25 January, free), the world’s biggest short film festival.

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Category: Tourism News

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admin says:

Penang is in the 8th position. Kudos to PR state government for making Penang a destination of choice for UK travelers.