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Postcard :: Street Murals

Penang Street Arts @ pulaupinang 640

Click on any image below to start slideshow. The slideshow “start” button appears on the top right position.

Travel tips:

1. Get a Penang street art map from Chin Shen Leong Bike shop at 84, Armenian Street 10200 George Towm. You can download a soft copy here and stored it in your smartphone or iPad.

Alternatively, get a free Street Art brochure printed by Penang Tourism Department. Its 11.8MB soft copy can be downloaded from here.

A single page Penang Street Art map (303KB) modified by can be downloaded here.

2. Open [Google Play] in your Android smartphone, search for “Penang Street Art” app. A free app by Shafiq Mustapa is recommended. The app is showing the location map and description for each mural.

Penang Street Art - Android Apps on Google Play

3. Open Apple iTunes to search for “Penang Offline Mural Map” for iPhone and iPad’s free app.

Category: Featured, Penang.Photo

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Editor says:

The “kids on a bicycle” mural was splashed with paint again by an anti-social trouble maker.