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Penang Street Food :: Indian Laksa @ One Corner Cafe

Indian Laksa (Halal)

Address: 2, Jalan Bawasah, 10050 Penang.

Business hour 12pm – 5.30 pm

Closed: Monday and Tuesday

Location map:

GPS Coordinates: 5.4215317N, 100.3257065E Geotag Icon Show on map

Category: Penang Street Food

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Ah Keat says:

Agreed, the best laska ever tasted in Penang so far… especially it smells and taste good with those crispy spring rolls. They also do have Nyonya cakes (Kuih Talam) which usually sold out early due to the fantastic taste.

Teng says:

The asam laksa was excellent! I ever taste in Penang so far. Good one worth sharing.

admin says:

I as a Johorean like almost every food in Penang except asam laksa.

I was over eating asam laksa during my military training days and feel uncomfortable and allergic to the food now. :-(