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CF deadline for hill railway

Packed ride: A funicular train transporting passengers from the top station to the base of Penang Hill.

Packed ride: A funicular train transporting passengers from the top station to the base of Penang Hill.

The deadline is ticking away for the Penang Hill Corporation (PHC) to fulfil certain safety standards for its funicular train service.

The Department of Safety and Health (DOSH) told the corporation it had until Tuesday to get a full certificate of fitness (CF) for the service, according to its Penang director Mohd Anuar Embi.

He said DOSH had issued a conditional CF at the end of June during its regular 15-month interval inspection of the service as certain safety standards set by the department had not been met.

He added that the safety of the mechanical aspects of the train was found to be satisfactory during the inspection.

“But our engineering and safety personnel found that there was no coordination of passengers who boarded and alighted from the train, including the elderly and physically challenged.

“We also found that the train was taking excessive passengers during peak seasons such as school and festive holidays, something which was highlighted to the PHC,” he said.

He said the stowing away of foldable seats to take in more passengers during these seasons was an inconvenience for the physically challenged and elderly.

“We are in consultation with PHC on these issues. The passengers’ safety is of utmost importance,” he said, adding that PHC had yet to put any system in place to rectify the problem.

He said this was the first time such safety aspects had been discussed with PHC as the CF was usual­ly is­­sued if the mechanical aspects of the train were satisfactory.

Asked what would happen if PHC failed to meet the criteria by Tuesday, he said DOSH had the authority to stop the service but added that “we have not reached such a stage and hope the issue will be solved soon”.

“I would put the situation as a medium category of importance and not yet critical. We are still waiting for feedback from the corporation on the system which it has put in place to rectify the problem,” Mohd Anuar added.

PHC general manager Dr Lawrence Khoo dismissed as “mere rumours” the notion that the train was taking excessive passengers.

He said PHC had adhered to all safety aspects but declined to comment further.

Category: Public Complaints

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admin says:

The no decision on poor human flow by DOSH is smelly. Poor management on human flow is more on efficiency of the service, it’s nothing to do with safety.

Why DOSH did not impose similar condition against Genting Highlands cable car?