Ugly side Illegal hawkers giving Penang bad image

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I am a Penangite who loves Penang. I fully support the state government’s effort in promoting a cleaner and greener Penang.

But the ugly side of Penang that I see every day before my eyes are really far from a Clean & Green Penang. Please take a look at the photo.

This is the aftermath of the illegal hawking activities that take place in front of Queensbay Mall every day. The residents here have made several complaints to the Penang Municipal Council but no action has apparently been taken.

Eyesore: The litter around a rubbish bin along the Queensbay Mall promenade in Penang is a common sight

Whatever enforcement taken by the authorities was not strong enough to deter these illegal hawkers from coming back.

Now, the number of illegal hawker stalls are increasing and they are even building shades and setting up tables and chairs.

These illegal hawkers not only cause the place to be dirty and infested with crows and stray dogs, but they also cause massive traffic congestion.

As a Penangite, I feel shameful that this is happening because this area is one of Penang’s tourist spots with a nice hotel located nearby. Imagine what the tourists will think.

I write this letter because I truly believe and want Penang to be a Clean & Green Penang.

I hope something can be done soon.

Clean & green Penangite


Posted by on August 8, 2011 under Public Complaints.

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