An open letter to Chief Minister on Penang Hill

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DEAR Chief Minister,

I am writing to you in reference to an article titled ‘Penang Hill to get better facilities soon’ in The Star on Aug 11, 2011.

In my view, the structures that Penang Hill Corporation plans to build, do not blend in with the natural beauty of the hill.

Our Penang Hill is a jewel of Penang’s crown and should be kept as a natural beauty and heritage.

In time, when other parts of Penang are developed, our ‘jewel’ will retain its natural beauty as an untouched natural landscape.

All the hill needs is some basic necessary facilities, but not like what has been done to Genting (Highlands).

I am all for Amancrag Resort, (previously known as Crag Hotel in Penang Hill) as I have been lucky to have visited their property in Indonesia before.

Foreign tourists will visit our hill for the natural beauty we managed to preserve.

To the owners of Amancrag Resort, please take our politicians on a field trip to your Amankila (luxury coastal hotel in Bali). Hopefully this will help them appreciate the nature theme, which I am hoping to put across.


Posted by on August 26, 2011 under Opinion.

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