Penangites all set to celebrate Hungry Ghost Festival

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GEORGE TOWN: Red wooden benches and stages are back in place for the annual Hungry Ghost Festival which starts today.

Workers were busy putting the finishing touches on the fierce-looking Tai Su Yah (King of Hades) paper effigies, canopies and tables which will be lined with offerings of rice, an assortment of nyonya kuih, and prayer paraphernalia.

Banners and colourful flags were raised to inform the public of the free ko tai (singing performances), puppet shows and Chinese opera to entertain the community and wandering spirits.

Colourful attraction: Koh Beng Hock, 53, putting the finishing touch on the paper effigies in preparation for the Hungry Ghost Festival.

Penang Teong Guan Association adviser Datuk Lim Yam Koi said the Tai Su Yah not only wants to be entertained but also wants Taoists to perform more good deeds .

“Be charitable and try not to lose your temper, pray and meditate more,” he said, while reminding association members to respect the Ramadan period which is expected to start tomorrow.

“We live in a multi-racial society, so let us be respectful of each other’s religious rites,” he said.

According to Taoist belief, the hungry ghosts exist in a separate realm where the beings suffer from great thirst and hunger that can never be satiated – a consequence of their bad karma. The besy way to ease their sufferings is to make offerings to the Three Jewels via the Sang-ha (monastic order) on their behalf.

The merits accrued from the deed could be dedicated to the spirits so that they could have a better rebirth.

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