Penang Cultural Event :: Chinese New Year Cultural & Heritage Celebration (檳城街頭文化廟會)

This rabbit year’s celebration is 12th event since 1994. This annual event is a crowd puller with estimated over 100,000 visitors patronizing the celebration by the organizer.

The nature of the event is called “gathering in the temple” in Chinese, a traditional fun fair held in China during the Chinese New Year in the mainland China. Usually various Chinese traditional arts, games, cultural heritages, etc. are played and showcased by artists and performers for entertainment and educational purposes.

Date: 12 February 2011

Time: 3 PM – 12 Midnight

Venue: World Heritage City, George Town Penang.

Penang Gavernor and Chief Minister on the stage during the launching ceremony

Penang Gavernor and Chief Minister on the stage during the launching ceremony

The opening ceremony is brief without nonsense speeches from VIPs. This is second time I saw Lim Guan Eng on the stage in two days.

I found it’s difficult too move around on the street in the evening before a drizzling rain came in. Basically crowd and traffic flow control is non-exist, I hope the event organizer to put in a better crowd control in future.

Power blackout in Penang Youth Centre and its surrounding area is another area for improvement which should not be happened. Lack of movable toilet is another area of improvement.

I spent about two hours loitering aimlessly and managed to take a few photos.

A short fireworks display performance was held on 12 midnight to end the celebration.

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GPS Coordinates: 5.415597N, 100.337006E Geotag Icon Show on map

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